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NewsDate: 12-06-2020

Things to notice about dringking water

Good water not only needs to be pure, but also includes enough minerals and reasonable PH for health.

Water accounts for about 70% of body weight, 65-75% of muscle weight, 50% of body fat and 50% of bone weight. Therefore, they have a big role in bringing nutrients to the body parts, lubricating the joints, eyes, eliminating waste, etc. Water also helps to prevent disease and itself protects some parts of us as well.

Not drinking enough water affects the function of the cells and organ systems. Those who regularly drink inadequate water often have dry skin, brittle hair, the feeling of fatigue, headache, constipation, stone formation in the kidneys and gallbladder can appear.

Things to notice about drinking water

How much is enough?

Under normal conditions, the body needs about 40ml of water/kg per day, an average of 2-2.5 liters of water/day. For example, if you weigh 60kg, the demand for water in the day is about 2.5 liters including 1 liter is put into the body in the form of drinking water such as water, tea, coffee, smoothie, etc; 0.4-0.5 liters in the form of broth and water in green vegetables, fruits; 0.6-0.7 liters in processed foods such as rice, bread, meat, fish, etc. And about 0.3-0.4 liters is the eventual product of chemical reactions in the body.

Finding clean water is always a matter of concern

Is drinking water from a water purifier better than boiled water?

At Pure Germany Water Vietnam, we believe that using a water filter will overcome the disadvantages of boiling water such as not taking time to boil and then cool, not changing the structure of water, not having to preserve the finished water, etc.

When using a normal water filter, the water will be pure, contributing to preventing the risk of contamination of drinking water. But to get that, the purifier forcibly removes the natural minerals of water.

“When drinking water from regular water filters, you have to accept that if the filter runs out of heavy metals, it will also filter minerals and reduce the pH of water” said water purifier technology expert Pure Germany Water in Vietnam. “The pH in human body fluids is 7,365 – that’s slightly alkaline. When you drink water with a low pH (usually water through a normal filter has a pH = 5-6) will lead to excess acidity. Moreover, 80% of the daily foods are acidic, such as meats, fast food, alcohol, etc. The use of acidic foods and drinks will disrupt the body’s balance and cause a lot of sick.”

To avoid this, you can choose genuine product lines to create clean, highly alkaline water that helps prevent acid excess quickly and most effectively.

Water from genuine products retains minerals and supplements natural healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, nattri, in the form of iodine that can be easily absorbed. This water also contains strong antioxidants, anti-free radicals – the cause of cell aging, effectively preventing free radicals. Water with high alkalinity also helps to wash away excess substances that build up in the blood vessels such as blood fat, clotting and other causes of vascular congestion.

Recommended time to drink water

As recommended by Pure Germany Water Vietnam, the times when drinking water is good for the body are:

– Early in the morning, when you wake up: drink 2 glasses of water equal to 0.5 liter of water

– Every 2 hours a day you should use an additional 200 ml to support the body’s organs to function effectively

– Before bathing, drink 1 glass of water to neutralize body temperature

– Before going to bed 1 hour, you should drink 1 glass of water

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