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NewsNgày: 12-06-2020

Water filter for family - an important choice to have pure water with natural minerals

Water is a basic component of life. The amount of water lost if not compensated causes thirst, tired body, dry wrinkled skin, slow reaction, headache, poor concentration, reduced academic achievement & sports competition. Leaving the body in a water shortage for a long time makes it easier to produce kidney stones, bladder stones.

In daily activities, the body loses 2.5 liters of water through the urinary tract, sweat, and respiratory. So people have to compensate for the corresponding amount of water to meet the needs of the body, avoiding causing fatigue due to lack of water. Water is absorbed by the body through food about 0.7l; 0.3l obtained from metabolism; the remaining 1.5l of an adult needs to drink every day.

Why drinking water helps to gain weight?

Drinking water is necessary but what kind of water to drink is a big question. Because not all water is clean and safe, it might contain pathogens that cause disease. So how to drink water to ensure health? Drinking water can be used including cooled boiled water, bottled water, mineral water, water filtered from water purifier at home.

Cooled boiled water: Boiled water is common in daily life to eliminate bacteria, but it can’t remove all chemicals, heavy metals if water sources are polluted. Moreover, boiled water also loses the trace elements necessary for good health.

Bottled water: is the water produced by RO purifiers, in which there are no minerals but merely water molecules called inert or distilled water, which is often used in healthcare. Daily use will cause micronutrient deficiency. Most minerals are absorbed by the body in addition to partially eaten sugar, while the majority is absorbed through drinking water. If we use this kind of water daily for a long time, it will cause micronutrient deficiency. Most minerals are absorbed into our bodies through food partly, but most of them are from water.

Mineral water: is natural spring water or filtered water by Nano technology. The amount of mineral in drinking water meets the standards of the Ministry of Health.

At PGWV, we have PURE GERMANY HF DRINKING 1 which is a filter retains all good minerals for the body. This product is an application of advanced CF + HF technology, optimized in drinking water filtration.

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