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Pure Germany Spectrumsoft 9

Types: Water Filter
Giá gốc 99,000,000₫

Pure Germany Spectrumsoft 9  (water softener set includes 01 central total filter and 01 water softener)

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Pure Germany central filtration

The total filter core is combined by an automatic intelligent controller with the shell of PE glass fiber material, the inside is integrated by srilank  activated bamboo charcoal with natural zeolite that has the effect of eliminating scale, dust, suitable for cleaning. sa, organic matter; Effective to remove residual chlorine, strange color, strange taste, trichloromethane, efficiency reaches 99.9%, protect water safety.

Water softener

Using ion exchange technology, through the exchange of ion particles to filter calcium and magnesium in water. Then absorb ca2+ ,mg2+ and then remove them to soften the water. Comparing softened water and tap water, you can feel the difference through taste and feel with your hands, when bathing, washing, washing your face with soft water, you will find that it feels soft and smooth to help beautiful skin, beautiful hair, skin protection ..., for items that use water such as boilers, floor heating systems, water heaters will also be better protected, use soft water to wash clothes, items will become safe and soft commercial, color retention, clothes life increased by 15% or more, using soft water to wash dishes, kitchen utensils, tea cups, sinks, toilets, .. will not be scaled, helping to save 1 amount of washing water , wash. Save time and energy.