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Pure Germany Spectrumblock TS3

Types: Water Filter
Giá gốc 5,050,000₫


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Pure Germany Spectrumblock TS3 water purifier – imported directly from GERMANY (MADE – IN – GERMANY) brings maximum comfort, and the ability to ensure the health of users

  • Spectrumblock-TS3 cartridges are considered to be the most advanced method for reducing a broad spectrum of toxic contaminants based on organics and inorganics including prescription drugs and BPA.
  • Spectrumblock–TS3 cartridges implement two different filtration stages, combining Activated Carbon and Titansorb with both electro kinetic adsorption and physiochemical adsorption.
  • When using Spectrumblock-TS3 there is no waste of water like conventional RO systems, there is no need of power, no removal of beneficial minerals and without adding any chemicals to the water. The effectiveness of Titansorb is tested and patented by German Government.