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When encountering any problems or technical problems, please contact our HOTLINE for advice and timely handling:

HOTLINE: 024 888 999 56 - 0984 85 66 33

Or, you can bring your products to our self-owned SHOWROOM at: No.21 Tran Duy Hung str, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi
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1. Warranty conditions:
1.1. All equipment must have a warranty stamp or warranty card of  Pure Germany Water Vietnam, and during the warranty period will be warranted and supported in accordance with  Pure Germany Water Vietnam and manufacturer's regulations , distributor.

1.2. The following cases of equipment failure are determined to be due to technical defects or manufacturer defects:

1.3. Products and equipment are accompanied by a warranty card of  Pure Germany Water Vietnam  or with a warranty stamp of  Pure Germany Water Vietnam, the warranty conditions and benefits are clearly stated on the warranty card. Customers need to present warranty card when warranty directly at the service center of  Pure Germany Water Vietnam

2. Instances that do not support warranty:

2.1. The product is out of warranty period.

2.2. Products, barcodes, warranty stamps, broken stamps, torn, blurred or showing signs of patchwork, scraping, repair...

2.3. Equipment, accessories are scratched, broken, chipped, bent, burned... (Equipment is deformed, explodes, sticks to chemicals, has strong impact).

2.5. The device has been used in a humid, dusty, high magnetic field, oxidized, or under direct sunlight and shows signs of fire, due to unstable power supply or insects, Rats destroy, or damage due to natural disaster, fire.

3. Warranty period:

3.1. The warranty period for the products is subject to the manufacturer's and distributor's genuine warranties as follows:

Filters, water filtration and treatment equipment of the brand Pure Germany Water Vietnam will have a warranty period 3 years, permanent maintenance

Note:  Warranty period may vary depending on the model, please refer to the details of each product.

3.2. Warranty Description:

3.2.1. For warranty card: on the warranty card, specify product information, Serial Number, product purchase date and product's warranty period.

3.2.2. For warranty stamps: on warranty stamps can show the month and year of product purchase. The product warranty period will be calculated from the next month and exactly as announced in the product details.

4. Warranty method:

4.1. The product is warranted by the same replacement method for a new product while it is still in  1- Warranty Conditions.

4.2. For stamp products that are still under warranty but are in  "Case 2 - not covered by warranty", Pure Germany Water Vietnam only receive temporary support, during the support process if costs arise, and will notify customers. goods before processing. Processing time will not be scheduled in advance as it depends on the supplier.

4.3. For products with signs of  or unidentified defects, they will be kept for the technical department Pure Germany Water Vietnam to check and make final conclusions. The inspection time does not exceed 7 working days and Pure Germany Water Vietnam is responsible for giving a reasonable answer to the customer.

4.4. For products that have been discontinued by the manufacturer (End of Life) or are not available for exchange, Pure Germany Water Vietnam will handle the deduction of usage time and pricing, and assist customers in purchasing products. new. The warranty period will be recalculated from the date of exchange of new products.